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This site called SlySpyder had a user review this:

CC VIVID Plus LED Light Bulb

I think when more lights eventually switch to LED. It may actually make light pollution worse. Because people may be more willing to use lights more at night since it's cheaper to run.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree that LED is a very scary prospect when it comes to light pollution. Manufacturers like to mention that they are not only energy efficient, but also night sky friendly because they are full cutoff. I have thought of bringing this discussion up with the IDA that there needs to be more to "night sky friendly" than just "full cutoff."

    Not only am I afraid that more lights will be erected to fill the cost savings of using LED, but also that LED outdoor lighting will be used in combination with solar PV recharging, which obviously has the potential to extend light pollution's reach into more rural areas without the need to connect them to the electrical grid. LED is also full spectrum rather than emission line lighting, meaning it cannot be filtered, and more light will reflect off objects on the ground and into the sky.

    Full cutoff was a good way to curb last century's light pollution, but we need a better set of standards for the 21st century.